Madame Garage was founded in January 2017 by Else Schaap and Hilda van Hall and originated from our shared passion for unique (second-hand) items. Both of us are always on the lookout for beautiful decorations and furniture pieces to complement the interiors. Scavenging, restoring and reintroducing our finds into modern interiors run in our blood, and we wanted to extend that joy to others. Having spent years in the corporate world as a lawyer and marketing manager, we decided to turn our enthusiasm into a tangible venture.

Our journey began with clearing out old houses. While on it, we would discover beautiful furniture, lamps, home accessories, and many fabulous vases. We firmly believe in the value of up-cycling and repurposing. So rather than discarding these one-of-a-kind vases, we saw an opportunity to repurpose them into lamps. 

Over the past few years, we’ve taken great pleasure in completing numerous projects, customising lamps on request for hotels and restaurants and collaborating with retailers and interior stylists on curated collections. 

We wholeheartedly devote ourselves to our lamp atelier and take pride in each lamp that has made its way into the interiors of Madame Garage fans.


Unique and Custom-made lamps.

At Madame Garage, we specialize in transforming various items into eye-catching lamps, which are always created in limited quantities. Each lamp is handmade in our atelier in Haarlem and tailored to bring your interior vision to life. 

Our diverse lamp base collection includes (vintage) ceramic pieces, Murano and (vintage) glass, wood, marble, and other natural materials. We offer over 150 lampshade fabric options to complement these lamp bases, enabling you to create a fully custom-made lamp that suits your style.

We offer separate pricing for lamp bases and lampshades to provide the utmost flexibility and creativity in creating your custom-made lamp, allowing you to mix and match according to your preferences and ensuring that your lamp is almost always one-of-a-kind.



Else has a keen eye for distinct (vintage) vases and unique home accessories, which she passionately gathers from all over the Netherlands and beyond. If an item has the potential to be transformed into a lamp, it will soon find its way into the atelier, where Hilda works her magic, repurposing them into lamp bases.

In addition to the ever-changing collections, Madame Garage refurbishes vintage lamps or creates new ones from old parts. Everything worth preserving and breathing new life into becomes a creative upcycling project.


Madame Garage offers a playground for those seeking to create a custom-made lamp, adding personality and style to each component. In our showroom, you can explore an extensive collection of lamp bases and lampshades, which you can try out. The possibilities are as boundless as your imagination. 

Are you struggling with a decision dilemma? Don’t worry; our team is happy to provide personalised guidance for selecting the ideal lamp for your interior. 

Before your visit, consider:

  • Identify a spot where you would like to place the lamp in your interior.
  • Bring colour samples and pictures of your interior; this will help to make your choice easier.
  • Determine the desired lamp dimensions (height and width/diameter of the base and shade).
  • For inspiration, please have a look at our Inspiration Magazine. Check our Instagram and Webshop for the most up-to-date collection.If you see something you like, feel free to message us to reserve it.
    We hold reservations for a maximum of 24 hours.