We love to take on projects and work together with (interior) professionals and store owners. Do you, as a store owner, feel like our lamps would be a nice addition to your collection? Or do you, as an interior professional, would like to place our lamps or shades in a project? Whether it concerns a lighting plan for an office, custom made lamps for a restaurant or customised shades for a hotel; we like a challenge and like to think along with you in terms of possibilities.


In our atelier we create lamps by hand, from vintage or new vases, statues and other objects. You can combine these lamps with a handmade lampshade of your choice. With more than 150 different fabrics and lamp bases in the collection, there are countless unique combinations to be made. Get inspired by visiting our atelier or website and get in contact for personal advice.



We prefer contact via WhatsApp, because it is an easy way to keep in touch, we can respond quickly and send photos of our stock, combinations with different shades or, for example, lamps that we still have to make (+31(6) 1943 6848).


We are a small company and make everything by hand (lamps and lamp shades), for this reason we cannot offer wholesale prices, but we can offer a discount on our lamps. The percentage depends on the quantity you order. You can then determine your own prices in your store. Contact us for the discount table. We work together with a lot of interior designers, shops and professionals in the industry.

We use plugs that fit perfectly into a socket suitable for type C or type F to make our lamps. It is not possible for us to change the wiring of our lamps. You can of course solve this by using a travel plug to go from type C to the type that is needed in your country. Our other foreign customers / professionals also use this method. Let us know if you have any questions regarding this.


Some of our handmade products are vintage or contain vintage elements. This means they are used and can contain traces of use. We try to provide an adequate description and photographs to enable you to have good judgment regarding these products. The delivered product can differ in color and condition from the product as shown via (online) screen.


For professionals and businesses outside The Netherlands we create invoices VAT shifted. Provide us with your company details, VAT number and email address so we can make up a quotation or invoice. 


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